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Armadura Custom Wear exceeds the limits of just fashion, it is about passion. This brand represents the pursuit of confidence, and the creation of a lifestyle to be who you dream of being.

Custom Suits

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Italian Suits For Men

If you’re looking for premium men’s Italian luxury suits, then Armadura Custom Wear has you covered. We specialize in creating custom premium Italian suits from the highest quality fabrics (like Stylbiella, Drago, Vitale Barberis Canonico VBC, and Others), with genuinely unique Italian style and design.

What are Italian suits made of? 

When it comes to crafting a custom-tailored men’s Italian luxury suit, it’s essential to understand what makes these suits stand out amongst any other type of luxury-designed suits. For years, Italy has been the leading textile producer in all things men’s suits, ties and shirts.

Italian fabrics remain the best because they are made of do not contain any synthetic, artificial textiles. They are always made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, and linen that are meticulously and masterfully woven to create top-tier men’s Italian luxury suits.

Are Italian suits good?

There is no comparison really to just how masterful and exceptional high-quality Italian suits are. From the stitching to the fabric and design, Italian suits lead the way in luxury men’s suit fashion. Buying a custom-fit Italian suit means you’re going to be wearing natural fabrics and materials that are custom-stitched together to ensure the highest quality possible.

What are the best Italian suits? 

The best Italian suits are the ones that come from a tailor and designer like Armadura Custom Wear. You want to know that the tailor creating your next luxury suit understands the intricacies and care that goes into creating your custom-fit Italian suit designs. Without that attention to detail and experience crafting these beautiful suits, you’ll end up with an Italian suit that’s more imitation than anything.

To know that you’re buying the best Italian suit, be sure that they’re using only natural fabrics throughout every design element in the suit. It’s essential to check out the stitching and know that the designer you choose is actually an Italian designer specializing in creating your new luxury suit from premium Italian fabrics that are custom-made to measure.

Why Italian suits are the best?

As a man of luxury and style, you want to know that the clothing you’re wearing, down to the stitch, is made of the highest quality materials available by a tailor who is a perfectionist with a passion for delivering the ultimate custom Italian suit designs. At Armadura Custom Wear, our Italian trained designer, Leonel, brings that passion and perfection to every suit he creates for you. There are many choice Italian alluring fabrics and suit fashions that guarantees you'll be attired in luxury when your dressed in an Armadura Custom Wear suit.

How much is an Italian suit? 

An Italian suit is an investment. You’re not only investing in your own style and look, but you’re investing in your future. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a few men’s Italian luxury suits for work or want to have an unforgettable look for your big event. You’re investing in something that is hand-crafted to last for years to come. Italian-design suits can range anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on the style and fabrics you choose for your custom-tailored suit.

Whatever type of style and design you’re looking for, Armadura Custom Wear is here to deliver exceptional premium fabrics that are custom made-to-measure.



  • "Armadura is THE REAL DEAL in Premium Italian Suits. Every thing about these custom suits are second-to-none and are worth every penny paid!”

    – Rev. Mark Crowder

        Ohio, USA

  • Leonel R Chavarria


  • Leonel has worked along the side of world-class Bespoke Designers and has mastered his passion

    and trade!

  • Leonel is all-about-perfection! You'll be amazed at his proficiency and accuracy.  

  • Leonel is best known for his "cutting-edge" designs, flawless customizations, and

    mesmerizing taste of excellence!

  • Leonel is fast becoming one of the most sought after designers in the Italian Luxury Suit Business.

  • And last but not least, Leonel is not only surviving these turbulent times, but THRIVING.

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