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Men's Custom Bespoke Suits

What Is A Bespoke Suit? 

Bespoke suits are the most expensive suits because they requite the most expertise and hand design and construction to create. Typically in a bespoke suit, you'll have over 1,000 stitches just in the lapel. They are measured and designed to hug the body and never have to be pressed. Think of your new handmade tailored bespoke suit from Armadura as your high-end suit of the world.

What Is The Meaning Of Bespoke Suits?

The word bespoke is actually a British term that means to say something is "spoken for." Or, in this case, that your suit will only ever fit one person in the world because it was measured to hug your body. So, there can only be one bespoke suit like the one you own once it is finished.


What Is The Difference Between Custom And Bespoke? 

A bespoke suit is hand-stitched throughout every piece of fabric and is custom measured and custom cut directly from the cloth. There is no pattern that a bespoke suit is started from. You go through many fittings while Leonel at Armadura is crafting your bespoke suit to be sure the fit is as precise as possible.  

How Can You Tell If A Suit Is A Bespoke?

When it comes to figuring out if a suit is a bespoke or not, there are some things you can be on the lookout for. One of the first places to look is at the shoulders. The seam will extend to the end of the shoulders without looking pinched or baggy on a bespoke suit. Handmade tailored suits have a canvas layer that provides the suit more shape fit to your body. Bespoke suits will also button smoothly and will never need to be pressed. 

How Much Does A Bespoke Suit Cost?

A bespoke Italian suit is an investment. You're not only investing in your style and look, but you're investing in the future. Bespoke suits are handmade, hand-stitched, and hand-designed to hug your body and fit only you. There is only one of them in the world once they are completed. This is why bespoke (truly Hand-made) Italian suits can range anywhere from $3,000 to over $4,000, depending on the style, customization, and fabrics you choose for your custom-tailored suit.

How Long Does A Bespoke Suit Last?

Bespoke suits should last upwards of 20-30 years as long as you take proper care of them. If you wear your handmade tailored suit 45-50 times a year, they will usually last you for most of your career. 

Whatever type of style and design you’re looking for, Armadura Custom Wear is here to deliver exceptional premium fabrics that are custom made-to-measure.

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