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High quality custom made to fit men's suits that fit your budget and style.
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What Are Made-To-Measure Suits? 

Made-to-measure suits are pretty unique. They start with a primary or standard pattern, but from there, that is where anything basic to your Italian suit ends. Our tailor takes your measurements and adapts the design to fit you. Men's custom suits made-to-measure are high-quality pieces to add to any collection. There are many fabrics you can choose from fro your made-to-measure suits. Once our tailor has your measurements, we get right to work at Armadura Custom Wear. Made-to-measure suits are fully custom pieces and are more customized than off-the-rack suits you'd find at a department store.

Is A Custom Suit Worth It?

This is a personal question to ask yourself. But we can help you answer that pretty quickly. It really comes down to one thing first and foremost, and that is whether or not you prefer your suits to look like someone else's or to be more custom-tailored to create and match your unique style. With men's custom suits made-to-measure, you'll have a premium suit that's been custom-tailored to fit your body, rather than something that came off the rack at your local department store. Even in the case of designer suits, you're still buying something that there are hundred's if not thousands of the same suit out there. A custom suit from Armadura Custom Wear means you'll have a suit that's unique to you crafted out of premium Italian fabrics. 


How Do You Spot A Custom Suit? 

When it comes to figuring out if a suit is custom or not, there are some things you can be on the lookout for. One of the first places to look is at the shoulders. On a custom suit, the seam will extend to the end of the shoulders without looking pinched or saggy. Custom suits has a canvas layer that provides the suit more shape fit to your body. Men's custom suits made-to-measure will also button smoothly. 

Another subtle difference is that a custom suit has a larger lapel than machine manufactured suits. As a rule, the width and shape of a lapel are the first details to specify when creating a custom suit. Notch lapel, peak lapel, point label, which lapel will you choose?

Other areas that distinguish a custom suit can be the eye-catching buttons (kissing buttons), buttonhole, and stitching styles. Ask us about having functional buttonholes for comfort and convenience. Also, these suits also have a variety of breast and ticket pockets that makes them stand-out in a crowd.

How Much Does A Custom Suit Cost?

A custom Italian suit is an investment. You're not only investing in your own style and look, but you're investing in your future. It doesn't matter whether you want to have a few men's Italian luxury suits for work or want to have an unforgettable look for your big event. You're investing in something that is hand-crafted to last for years to come. Custom made to measure suits can range from $800 to $1,500.

Whatever type of style and design you’re looking for, Armadura Custom Wear is here to deliver exceptional premium fabrics that are custom made-to-measure. To Book An Appointment, Call: (405) 435-6594.

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